Fashion or Function and Day One of BPC 2014

Let's start off with some fun girly shopping stuff.  I have recently started selling everything that no longer serves a purpose in my life on eBay.  Mostly clothes, some old electronics and a few kitchen items (those go super fast).  It baffles me to see what people love and want versus what I expect them to bid on.  I'm starting to figure it out and it's my new sideline hobby.  Out with the old to make cash (and room) for in with the new!

After unloading and selling a bunch of ill-fitting clothes, I decided it might be interesting to sell some of my old workout gear.  After all, I'm in the lifters club for a few years now and after the initial "oh man I can wear fitted yoga pants!" moment, I went right back to my oversized bottoms.  I like to feel comfortable when I'm training and I also like to have as little attention brought my way. 

Let's just say my Lulu's sold in seconds (I still have two pairs up for grabs right now @smartclosetsale is my eBay handle).  Naturally, as a born-shopper, I had to find a suitable replacement(s). 

If you are anything like me, someone who appreciates quality, comfort and a cool vintage look..., go buy Monrow sweatpants, NOW.  Yes, they are tiny bit pricey for sweats, but seriously how much did I pay for those Wunder Unders at Lulu? 

Screen Shot 2014-01-21 at 4.31.18 PM.png

I bought my first pair (yes, I returned for another pair because these are further damage level of good, I swear) at  They constantly run sales and if you have a Gap or Banana credit card, you can rack up points towards more cash off.  Let's just say my first pair came in at less than half price.  They feel like you're wearing a thirty year old pair of loved and worn sweats, but they look fresh and have that Jillian Michaels crop thing going.  At 5'2'' it's a nice feature because I can place the elastic bottoms to be crops or let them go and they still cinch around my ankles.  No tripping on anything in these!

They do run a bit big.  I took an XS and they are nice and loose and cozy.


My biggest problem after ordering a pair of their 3/4 length bottoms where do I get the matching jackets?! The 3/4 crops have back pockets that are perfectly sized and well able to hold your iPhone or iPod at the gym.  Have I expressed enough love for these babies????


Part two of this wonderful shopping focused post is to alert you that I'm doing another three day Blue Print Cleanse (see my older posts about this crazy train I'm on).

Daria BPC.jpg

I really felt after being sick for nearly three weeks it might do me some good to reset myself.  Three days of greens and beets and cashew milk (I can't WAIT for that one) should have me feeling much better by Friday.  I might actually even behave myself this weekend!  I can admit, there were one too many "that time of the month" excuses for chocolate this week.  No bueno.

I can't promise to be chocolate free for too long though.  I have a super awesome post coming up to tell you about some deliciousness in the peanut butter and chocolate world.  I ALSO hear that my buddies at Quest are coming out with a new #cheatclean bar.  The tickler is a tiny trail of what looks like cookie crumbs.  I was secretly hoping that they were actually coffee grinds.  I think a coffee flavored bar would be yum.  I guess time will tell!

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