Sesame Salmon and Toaster Oven Corn

This isn't so much a recipe as it is "inspiration" to not freak out over fish or "banished vegetables" like corn.  People fear cooking fish, but I swear it is easy! All I did was sprinkle each filet with some sesame seeds.  I sprayed a non-stick pan with some "Misto" Olave olive oil and heated it for a minute on high.  Then I seared the fish skin side down (if your filet doesn't have skin, who cares, pick a side) and sprinkled it with some sea salt and pepper.  As soon as I heard the fish start crackling, about 3 minutes, I flipped it.  I let is sear on the other side for a minute or two and then I turned the heat down.  I covered it for another few minutes until it was no longer pink. How do you know when it is no longer pink?  Just keep looking at it!  Then I squeezed some fresh lemon over top.

Before I tackled the fish I diced up a few tomatoes, I had beefsteak on hand along with some garlic, onions and broccoli.  I quick sautéd them in a non-stick for a few minutes.  A little veggie stock, salt and pepper.  I did my usual trick of some coconut oil rubbed into my hands, then massaged three nice big ears of fresh corn.  I sprinkled them with salt, pepper and a little chili powder, then wrapped them in tin foil, husks removed and rinsed first.  I put the corn in my TOASTER OVEN for 30 minutes on high heat (450), turning them with toaster tongs often. They came out perfect and I didn't have to turn my oven on and heat up the whole house.  Anything to keep that electric bill down and the kitchen cooler.

I've had some inquiries about corn lately.  To corn or not to corn, that is the question.  It's a vegetable, but it has a higher sugar content and more calories per serving than other vegetables.  It does have fiber and nutrients though that are beneficial!  So, let us just say, like anything else, corn that is fresh and served up the way I like it, sans cream, sans can (who wants a can of corn?!) is okay in my book.  If you aren't looking to get into competition shape, an ear of corn is fine.  It is not going to make you unfit or fat, etc.  So how do I incorporate corn without going overboard?  I buy it only when it's on sale, make it in bulk on the day that I buy it using the method above (in the toaster or in my standard oven at 400 degrees for the same amount of time) and make sure that he eats most of it!  It's also a really easy side for when you are serving a lot of people.  So, eat some corn, but most importantly, eat some fish and don't be afraid to cook it at home.  It's much less expensive to cook fresh fish at home than to eat it at a restaurant (and you'll know exactly how it's prepared).


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