Nanoosh NYC


Three relatively tiny containers showed up for lunch today from Nanoosh on University.  I ordered a side of marinated all natural chicken breast (the round container) and a side of quinoa salad with organic quinoa, red peppers, red onions, organic walnuts (um, yeah I counted one), dried cranberries and organic raisins.  This came with a dressing, so I opted for their Walnut Grapefruit (oil-free).  I opened it and closed it, looked kinda yucky.

This is the entire container of chicken (I'd say about 8 ounces) which was in some sort of brown marinade and it had onions over top.  Definitely some oil at play here, but with their whole focus on being 'organic' and natural, I'm hoping it wasn't cooked in some sort of trans-fat nightmare.  Without the sauce it would have been pretty dry and there is no excuse for dry chicken.  Grand total for lunch was about $10.00.

By the looks of my plate, you can tell I liked it enough to eat it.  I was pretty hungry though and I didn't have any hummus, so not sure where I stand on Nanoosh yet.  What I can tell you is that my hate for raisins is still alive and well.

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