Iavarone Brothers

Calabro's Fat Free Ricotta

This is a quick review on an incredible product that I'll now keep in my fridge at ALL times.  Calabro's Fat Free Ricotta.  I've only been able to buy it from Whole Foods and it's around $4.00 for the container, but when I tell you fresh, palatable and packed with protein, I'm not kidding around.  I've used it on homemade pizza, in Italian recipes, in egg-white omelettes (a-mazing) and just like this, scooped alongside some chicken and vegetables.  The chicken pictured is courtesy Iavarone Brothers on Grand Avenue.

...Calabro's All Natural Fat Free Ricotta is made from 100% Skim Milk with absolutely NO FAT, NO SALT, and NO PRESERVATIVES added. This flavorful and excellent textured ricotta is good news for people on a fat and salt restricted diet in addition to being high in protein and low in calories. As it contains only a trace of cholesterol, it is also recommended for coronary patients on a medically prescribed diet who seek a high protein, low calorie food. This fat free ricotta can be substituted in most Italian recipes specifying the use of ricotta cheese. It is also taste tempting as a light topping on fresh berries, pears, peaches, and other varieties of fruit.

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