Pizza and Other Things in the Works...

Nemo, you turned out to really be a pain in the ass for Long Island.  The East Coast really has been hit hard with terrible weather, repeatedly.  Sandy.  Nemo.  Enough.

We didn't have it too bad here in the city.  I mean it was a dangerous night, but the sun was shining yesterday and melted off a good bit of the accumulation.  That being said, there was still some shoveling to do and the inevitable cabin fever.

The hubs has been sick with a cold and it really took a toll on him this weekend, but still, he wanted to get out of the house for a little bit.  So having had breakfast and coffee already, having cleaned the kitchen up 5 times (and it still looked like a disaster), we walked to a bar.  Yes.  Two weeks out from the end of my second round of the JE Trainer and I walked to a bar.  

Anyway.  What ELSE were we going to do (insert laugh, please)?  We sat and talked about my business plan, visiting some of my fitness-friends from all over the country and in the process had a good few laughs.  Just us and a drink (okay two) to chat over.  

There was free pizza at the bar, but no, I was okay.  I did ask Mr. McD to go to the deli and pick up some nuts, but he said no one brings food into a bar.  I then reminded him of the Thanksgiving dinner I brought to him a month after we met.  You know, the one I brought to a bar.  The one the bartender, himself and a friend microwaved and ate without questioning if bringing food into a bar was "okay" or not.

Anyway, we had to get home to feed the dog, but on the way home we pass one of the most popular pizza shops in Queens, if not in all of the boroughs.  Rosa's Pizza.  


There was a time in my life, a very long time ago, that I could put away 3 to 4 Sicilian slices and a 6-pack of beer.  Those times were, well, heavier times.  When I first started to figure out how to lose said heaviness, pizza came off of the meal plan entirely.  I considered pizza a trigger food.  Something that I could not have because I would end up overdoing it, eating a whole pie or something.  Years of no pizza went by, what an idiot.

Pizza wasn't the problem.  It was my very clearly unhealthy addiction to pizza.  I love it.  Love pizza.  I just never had anyone guide me on stopping at a slice and maybe having some salad.  If I wanted 4 slices, I was allowed to have them.  This eventually backfired, because my once tiny childhood frame turned into an hourglass that was turning into a busted can of biscuits.


The truth is, I still want 4 slices, but I've learned how to have normal portion sizes, how to select heathy options over total gut-bombs.  There are off-limits foods for me, but not a slice of real New York pizza.  What's off limits?  Yodels.  Trans-fat chips.  French fries.  Deep-fat fried food period.  Mass-produced ice creams with ingredients that I can't pronounce.  Foods containing red, blue or any other color of the rainbow dyes.  Basically, in a nut shell - CRAP.  What's ON?  REAL CHEESE.  REAL PIZZA.  REAL WINE.  REAL FOOD.  

I hear it all.  I hear all about the foods that people are ELIMINATING to lose weight.  Even worse are the foods they are INCORPORATING to lose weight.  Just eat real food, in proper portions and move your butt.  Move it off the couch.  If you can move to McDonald's, can walk to the mailbox and back.  If you can unwrap a Yodel, you can unzip a banana peel.  You follow?  Better choices.  Smarter choices.  Then, when you go to have a slice of pizza you won't feel like it is undoing all of your hard work, because it won't.  Some cheese and veggies and tomato sauce is not going to make you gain weight.  Eating a whole pie will.  Choosing to eat it every day, while also eating Fruit Loops for breakfast and McDonald's for lunch, that's going to make you gain weight. Couch-surfing is going to make you gain weight.  Worse than your external and physical weight is what is happening to your internal health.  How your heart functions, how your gut functions, how your brain functions.  Or doesn't function.  


This was my slice.  Broccoli, onions, peppers, mushrooms, cheese, tomato sauce, madness on a plate.  I had a few bites of some of the things my hubs got too and I always snag his crust.  I had some wine, some pizza and it was damn good.  You know what though?  I ate like a health-champ all week and trained every day.  Drank my water and took my vitamins.  I had a very healthy breakfast and a light snack before we walked to that bar.  Then that was it.  We watched a movie and I didn't have big bowl of ice cream or candy or whatever would naturally come next in the average American household.  We didn't make trans-fat filled popcorn or justify a box of Goober's.  There was no soda or pop or sugar packed big gulp.  

Over the next few weeks I'll be launching my plan.  A plan that will teach you how to ELIMINATE and INCORPORATE and ALTERNATE foods in a smarter, healthier and less restrictive way.  You can have a healthy relationship with food and live a fit life.   I have developed a strategy, a seven-step plan that slowly and methodically brings you back to the bare roots of eating and living.  It is a not a magic-pill or an overnight diet promising to get you into a size 0 by morning.  It is not a fast or a juice or a smoothie that leaves you starving.  It is not a cleanse or a 1,000 calorie meal plan of frozen foods.  It will take some work, some planning and some patience, but it will be for life.  It is not a DIET. It is a lifestyle change.  A reboot for your body.  And yes,  you will get to eat pizza.  How's that for exciting?  

Stay tuned and be sure to keep in touch on facebook and twitter as more info is to come over the next few weeks.  If you're interested in being among the first to work with me, send me an email.  I can't wait to hear from you!

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