Gravelnuts, Nuts for the Perfect Storm

I'm sitting here filled to the brim with wine and food.  Seriously.  What else is a girl to do in the middle of the storm of a lifetime?  Sandy touched down here in NYC at some stage last night while I was fast asleep in my very quiet and soundproof basement.  

I started each of these "hurricane" days with good intentions, but when you have watched ten straight hours of people wearing raincoats talking about surges and pressure systems, well, you grab snacks like you are personally going off to war.  

This morning I vowed to knock it off.  I started the morning with a not-so-sweet pinata apple.  I gave most of it to the dog to be honest.  She eats rubber, so I knew she'd have no problem finishing what was left of my fruit.

Then we ventured outside to see just how bad our neighborhood was hit...


It was pretty bad out there.  Sadly, this nothing in comparison to the damage done to the rest of New York and New Jersey.  Lives were lost, homes destroyed.  My thoughts and prayers go out to all.

When we arrived back home from what was a very short walk, I needed to warm up.  It's cold and damp outside.  My hands were chilled.  The only time I reach for oats is when I'm cold.  It's hard for me to want them when I have toast or waffles or something crispy to top with peanut butter.

I put a serving of oats into the microwave for a minute, then sprinkled some cinnamon into the mug, added two heaping spoons of Gravelnuts Arlene's Original, some stevia and diced up half of a small banana.  Back into the microwave until it was bubbling hot.  Sprinkled some wheat bran on top for a bit more fiber.

What are Gravelnuts you ask?  


Those are.  I received a bag of them in the mail last week and just have had so many different nuts in the house lately, I didn't think of them until Sandy.  First stop these babies went was into my chocolate chip cookies...


Warning...there is nothing lean or protein packed about the cookies picture above! You should however have the recipe in the event you want to rock someones world:


I added a few tablespoons of Gravelnuts into the mix before using a small ice cream scoop to drop the dough onto Silpat mats.  How I ever baked pre-Silpat, I'll never know.

So, getting back to my oats..., and my Gravelnuts.


It's your call really.  Oats or cookies?  ;)  The product offering is pretty extensive and Gravelnuts really has something for everyone.  Even for the winner of my Get Transformed Contest!  Part of me hopes they get some Gravelsins!  

Walnuts and almonds, sumptuous dark chocolate, stimulated by a touch of orange extract, all wedded by agave nectar. X-rated for sinful; Five Stars for healthy – perfection.  I would love to try this stirred into some yogurt with a little espresso powder.  Oh, my.

Here's a snippet from their "About Us" page, click the link to read more:

We produce premium products created for people who want the highest nutritional and health values in their daily diets and who have the will, the desire and the means to eat them. Our customers don’t like to compromise when it comes to nurturing their health and vitality and they don’t want to sacrifice taste and pleasure in the process.
Our products contain NO empty fillers or chemicals; they are pure nutrition. Empty fillers provide added bulk in the form of unnecessary carbohydrates. They fill you up without providing important nutrients.  They are typically used to keep costs and prices lower. We don’t do that. We also DO NOT use cane syrup (another name for sugar) to sweeten our products. The rich taste of the Gravelnuts family comes from the natural character of our ingredients and the unique way in which we roast them to bring out the individual and combined flavor of each component.
Our products are rich in Omega-3s, important for heart and brain health. Gravelnuts and Gravelseeds contain NO added sugars. The natural sugar contained in the organic Agave we use as a binder has a low glycemic index. Diabetics, or anyone on a sugar-free eating regimen can eat them. Our other varieties do contain small amounts of sugar. All of our products are oil-free, salt-free and are made with gluten-free ingredients. They are 100% Vegan.
Equally important, our products are truly delicious. There are no trade-offs between nutrition and taste. Our goal is to have you make the Gravelnuts family an integral part of your daily eating regimen for the best possible reasons: it is one of the most nutritious foods you will put into your body; and it is wickedly delicious.

If I had my way, I'd be spending the rest of my life developing ways to incorporate Gravelnuts into recipes!  Well, I do kind of have the option.  I'm thinking homemade ice creams, yogurt, salads, into bars..., oh, they beat me to that one...


I think I've built a pretty strong case for placing an order.  And before you ask, I had three other taste-testers who gave the cookies 6 thumbs up.  How do I know?  There are none left!   

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