WHOA!!! Where did THAT come from!?

First off when I write PAIN, I mean SORE.  If you workout to where it is painful, then you need to stop and reevaluate what you’re doing!

We all know that one of the things that most of us look forward to as we workout is the DOMS or that 24-48 hour later soreness. It is awesome and we love it, if you say you don’t you’re lying!

The pain from squats is common; the fear of having to go to the bathroom is funny after a good leg session. Admit it you giggle a little as you struggle through the pain as you get up. What about when you wash your hair after a good shoulder and trap workout?  A favorite band of mine had a song “Laugh to Keep From Cryin’” and I think it’s appropriate!  

Well, I’m not talking about that kind of pain here. For example, how about that pain (again not PAIN, but SORE) you get when you reach to get your coffee mug out of the cupboard and you think WTH was that in my middle/lower back??? Then you reach around and move to see if you get it again. Then more thinking and we end up playing CSI Detective to see what movement triggers that feeling. Hmmm…, If I do this I feel it, if I do that I don’t.

Then my favorite part, our wheels start turning and we think and try to figure what exercise we did the day before to get this feeling. Was it lat pulldowns? NAH to ob

vious!  Was it bent over rows? NOPE!

WAIT, what if I move side to side with my arms at my side? BAM!! DB oblique side bends!!!! Now I know my abs are sore and should be, but why my lower back from this move? So, I do a little research online and I find that the lower back is a secondary beneficiary to this move. What would we do without Google?

I’m now a winner and continue to make my coffee. Waiting to see how many times in the day I can move a certain way to get that same feeling in my back. SO WEIRD, but we do it, just admit it!

I find this part of figuring out where and what caused me to be sore as much fun as the workout and the soreness. When we figure it out it’s like getting an “A” on a Monday morning History exam back in high school! (That teacher needs a kick in the shin!) We all do it, you know you do!

Enjoy your next work out, but have even more fun playing CSI for the 48 hours after!

The First Step

“The first step towards getting somewhere is to decide that you are not going to stay where you are.” - John Pierpont Morgan

First steps are pretty important, a first step for a person coming back from an injury, a baby’s first step, Neil Armstrong’s first step on the moon, a marathon runner’s first step. They all set good things in motion, you just need to take that first step to get there.

I’m sure a year ago in the back of your mind setting up this site was a “first step” to bigger and better things. I mean most day dreams have a good ending, right? You did something most people don’t do and acted upon it and put this site together. You’re a winner, a motivator and an AWESOME person with boundless energy. You inspire and help people everywhere with the information, recipes, musings, and especially the workouts displayed here.

Congrats on taking that first step a year ago and putting a good thing into motion. Keep moving forward to your next goal with the determination, motivation and momentum you had when you started this site. I don’t believe you have a “finish line” per se so enjoy the journey, it will be worth it and you know it!

I know of a small group of friends that think you pretty much Kick A$$, and we all KNOW there are more out there.

YOU ROCK Dar, Keep it up!

Soggy Toast


WHO wants a big plate of “soggy toast”?  Sounds gross but whether you answered yes or no read on to see what I’m talking about. “Soggy Toast” is the term I used many, MANY times while doing Daria’s plan; when a workout was over and I was left a sweaty/SOGGY mess, and couldn’t possibly give another lunge, pushup, jackknife or crunch I was physically TOAST! You will see it is a perfect name for how you’re feeling after these workouts.

After following many plans from various online sites that most of you are probably familiar with, (it was through one of these plans that I originally “met” Daria), I had some good gains but nothing that I was really thrilled with, too much information out there regarding diets and eating close to three thousand plus calories for me, protein shakes 2-3 times a day, etc. I was eating till I was bloated and couldn’t eat anymore, I didn’t like how I felt or looked and didn’t get the results I wanted and pretty much questioned what the hell am I doing!!??

So Daria and I talked and talked, and we decided to do what good friends do; we helped each other out. She wanted to make a jumpstart into becoming a personal trainer and I wanted to get in better shape and try something new. Do you see where this is going? So she set out many of the workouts you see here on her site. I will tell you they WORK, I’m proof they work by dropping 20+ lbs and 3% of my BF. I feel great and have no complaints, maybe just the pistol squats OR the Superman Pushups, (Batman can kick his butt!) but I digress.

You will question the lack of cardio and as I did and in the beginning. I did 2-3 days of 20min sprints the first 2-3 weeks, I still throw some cardio in here and there, however I will tell you that most weeks I didn’t do cardio and I didn’t need to, the plan is set up where you don’t need it. If you feel guilty do some form of active rest, a walk, a bike ride, a hike, play tag with your kids, it’s all good! The workout police won’t come to your house and take you downtown for doing it or not doing it, it’s your call!

YOU will be gassed doing these workouts, YOU will be gasping for air, YOU will have a voice in your head yelling at you to keep going, to keep pushing, to hold that wall squat or plank for 10 more seconds. YOU will get results, YOU will see a change and it is worth it.

Make a reservation and order up some Soggy Toast! You won’t be sorry!!